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Vavrina Inc.
Junction of

Hwys 15 & 91,

Clarkson, NE 68629




Brock® Fans, Heaters, Aeration & Drying Floors




Fans & Heaters

Brock®'s full line of fans and heaters offer high performance for all in-bin grain and conditioning needs.

Fans and Heaters Features

Vane Axial Fans engineered for durability and efficiency.

Centrifugal Fans ready for high-volume grain aeration duties.

Heaters available for use with axial and centrifugal fans.

Fans and heaters are engineered for high efficiency.

Fans are manufactured using galvanized steel and designed to deliver maximum air performance under various static pressures. Air flow ratings tested under AMCA standards.

Heaters are designed for wide BTU ranges. BTU capacities range from 170,000 to 3,000,000.

Heater models available for use with liquid propane, propane vapor, or natural gas fuels.

Brock® Bins

Brock® Bins

Aeration & Drying Floors

Brock®'s Aeration and Drying Floor System is designed to withstand the regular stress and strain of drying or aerating stored grain, as well as the punishing abuse provided by unloading augers and recirculating devices.

Strong aeration floor design features corrugations and perforations running completely across each floor board.

Full drying floors and other aeration systems are available.

Two floor support heights are available.

Floors include floor flashing and all needed assembly hardware.

Custom design services are available for any bin flooring application.

Flooring also available for canola (rapeseed).