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Vavrina Inc.
Junction of

Hwys 15 & 91,

Clarkson, NE 68629




Gearboxes, Hoses and Pivot Guns




Every Valley irrigation machine is backed by the dedicated service and parts commitment of Vavrina Inc. Vavrina Inc. combines their knowledge of your agricultural practices and field conditions...with Valmont's extensive irrigation experience and order to design the specific application that best meet your needs.

Vavrina Inc.'s service technicians have received full training on servicing the Valley equipment. And they have parts in stock for your irrigation needs.



Land characteristics are changing. Slopes are more severe. Tires are getting bigger (38").

These are the trends of today. At Valley they make design changes to stay ahead of trends...and always provide the best products.

That's why the Valley Gearbox is designed and built to work better, work harder. With a stronger, heavier bull gear...pre-loaded worm gear...and their new input shaft seal that keeps oil in, keeps problems out.

In fact, Valley is the only irrigation manufacturer to make its own gearboxes, and they make them right here in the USA This helps assure proper application to the job, and quality control throughout the design and manufacturing process.

We know just how strong and reliable the new Valley Gearboxes are - because Valley designs, builds, and machines them in their factory. Valley Gearboxes are designed exclusively for mechanized irrigation applications. Their dependability has been proven repeatedly, both in the test lab and in the field.


Vavrina Inc. offers some of the best hoses available for your pivots.

Pivot Guns

Pivot Gun

Consider the following features:

Innovative technology for application flexibility, performance, and maintenance free operation.

Brake adjusts automatically to low and high pressures.

Distribution uniformity is obtained with the unique patented drive deflector.

Slow reverse allows a steady and slow forward and reverse action.

Arc setting is precise and easy to set without any additional tools.

Rotation speed adjustment has 3 different settings and does not require additional tools.

Low pressure operation gives you energy savings with good performance.

18° trajectory angle for wind fighting capabilities. Other angles of 21° and 24° are available with simple bolted elbow exchange.

Long life plastic nozzles have proven to out wear other material in sandy water conditions.

Proven performance through field testing on center pivots. Accelerated wear tested in lab with sand laden material.

Exclusive extended warranty for full replacement within 2 years.