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Vavrina Inc.
Junction of

Hwys 15 & 91,

Clarkson, NE 68629




Quality, Cost-Effective Building Solutions




Since 1976, Vavrina Inc. has been building a solid reputation for excellence in the design and construction of pre-engineered buildings for a wide variety of agricultural, hog, dairy, horse, storage and commercial applications.

As an independent builder for Lester Building Systems - a Division of Butler Manufacturing Company - we have access to nearly a century of design and engineering expertise that other builders are simply unable to offer you.

Our association with Lester Building Systems is your assurance that you will enjoy all the benefits of these proven features:

A design flexibility to meet your unique and special needs

Thoroughly tested components and systems

Fast, cost-effective construction

Faster occupancy

Low ongoing operating and maintenance costs

An enduring, attractive appearance - inside and out

We listen to your needs then focus on satisfying them

We can't be responsive to your needs until we fully understand what they are -- so our first step is really listening to you.

Our second step is to thoughtfully consider your requirements and your budget so we can propose a working relationship that will be the best for you:

Construction Management means you employ Vavrina Inc. as a consultant through the design and building process. This relationship gives you maximum participation in the process and, for certain types of projects, can be the lowest-cost approach.

Design-build means you'll give Vavrina Inc. total design and construction responsibilities This relationship relieves you of most coordinating responsibilities and can often be the fastest, most cost-effective way to complete your project.

Cost-plus is often chosen for fast-track projects and in other situations when the scope of the work is difficult to predetermine, but speed of completion is critical.