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Vavrina Inc.
Junction of

Hwys 15 & 91,

Clarkson, NE 68629




Highlights of Our Team's Track Record




We take special pride in our growing list of clients who've expressed satisfaction with our buildings. You may have admired some of the quality projects Vavrina Inc. had done for them.

Hain Poultry Building

Client Name: Bernie Hain
Project Location: RR 1, Bellwood, NE
Project Type: Chicken Egg Laying Facility, Uni I - 40' x 100' x 14'
Architect/Designer: Bernie Hain
Contact: Bernie Hain
Contact's Phone Number: 402-539-3195

Club 91 Golf Club House

Client Name: Club 91 Players Association
Project Location: Leigh, NE
Project Type: Club House; Frame Wall - 30' x 40' x 10'
Architect/Designer: Jim Lund
Contact: Don Maliha
Contact's Phone Number: 402-892-3217

University of Nebraska Agronomy Building

Client Name: University of Nebraska Facilities Mgmt. Dept.
Project Location: Mead, NE
Project Type: Shop/Storage Facility; Uni I - 60' x 144' x 18'
Architect/Designer: UNL Facility Management
Contact: Russ Person
Contact's Phone Number: 402-624-8055

Eisenmann Supplies Inc.

Client Name: Don Eisenmann
Project Location: Highway 81,
Madison, NE
Project Type: Parts Warehouse; Uni I - 60' x 120' x 14'
Architect/Designer: Don Eisenmann
Contact: Don Eisenmann
Contact's Phone Number: 402-454-3306

George Baumert Storage Facility

Client Name: George Baumert
Project Location: RR 1, Howells, NE
Project Type: Ag Storage Facility; Uni I - 72' x 90' x 16'
Architect/Designer: Stock
Contact: George Baumert
Contact's Phone Number: 402-986-1224

Schneider Storage Building

Client Name: Boyd Schneider
Project Location: 18100 NW 140th St., Seward, NE
Project Type: Ag Storage Building; Uni I - 44' x 60' x 16'
Architect/Designer: Stock
Contact: Boyd Schneider
Contact's Phone Number: 402-892-1481

Bluebird Nursery Inc.

Client Name: Bluebird Nursery Inc.
Project Location: 513 Bryan Street, Clarkson, NE
Project Type: Nursery Office, Shipping Bldg. & Warehouse
Architect/Designer: Hamernik Family
Contact: Harlan Hamernik
Contact's Phone Number: 402-892-3442
Al Hotovy
Client Name: Al Hotovy
Project Location: 4th & Maple St., Dwight, NE
Project Type: Garage; Town & Country 30' x 40' x 12'
Architect/Designer: Stock
Contact: Al Hotovy
Contact's Phone Number: 402-566-4915
Bluebird Nursery

Bluebird Nursery Inc.