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Sukup® & NECO® Stirring Equipment




Sukup® Fastir: Simply Dependable Stirring

Sukup® Fastir

Sukup® Fastir

Stirring  mixes  the  dried  grain at  the  bottom  of  the bin with  the wetter grain  toward the top. This  results  in a more  uniform moisture content. In fact, university tests have shown a less than 1%moisture variation from top to bottom in stirred grain. Stirring also loosens grain, reduces static pressure and increases airflow. This, in turn, means grain dries more quickly and efficiently. Iowa State University tests have found that, by using a stirring machine in wet grain with a powered spreader, airflow is increased by 33%.

Fastir Benefits:

The patented, mechanical drive moves carriages back and forth on the crosstube to change stirring pattern. No electrical reversing!

Drive mechanism contains few moving parts.

Angled shields on the carriages allow stirring closer to the wall.

The mechanical reversing process eliminates reversing switches, drive gearboxes, chains, and cables.

Carriages are self cleaning.

All down augers are hard faced for longer life, and they carry a two-year warranty.

Extra down augers may be easily added to the Fastir at any time, to increase stirring capacity as drying needs increase.

Heavy-duty crosstube is capable of supporting up to five down augers.

Sukup® stirring machine track mounts higher in the bin giving up to 680 bu. of extra storage in a 36' bin.

The Fastir Plus combines all of the features of the Fastir with a stationary auger along the bin wall.

The stationary outside auger on the Fastir Plus ensures complete stirring.

Constant pitch augers fill only from the bottom, where the dried grain is located, so they move more dried grain than graduated pitch augers which pick up grain along the full length of the auger.

Off-set hanger provides better stirring in the center of the bin to break up the concentration of fines over the center sump.

NECO® Stir-Rite: The Reliable Grain Stirring Machine

NECO® Stir-Rite

NECO® Stir-Rite

When grain stirring was introduced it wasn't more than a promising, but good idea. Attempts at stirring machine design presented many problems and solved very few of them.

Now Stir-Rite makes a good idea into a practical and effective drying and grain storage system. Real engineering has replaced the flimsy concepts of the past with a more rugged, reliable, and simpler machine.

When you've installed a Stir-Rite in your bin, no matter whether you used heated or natural air, drying will be faster and more efficient. Also moisture content will be more uniform throughout the bin. Preserving the quality of stored grain is also made easier.

In operation, the hottest and driest grain at the bottom is moved upward. All grain in the bin is mixed and blended until moisture content is uniform. Overdrying in some parts of the bin and underdrying in other parts are eliminated.

The auger rotation gently lifts the grain as the augers move around the bin. The patterns these augers follow cross and recross many times until every part of the bin has been thoroughly stirred.

Unique Stir-Rite features:

Gooseneck pivot design suspends the inner end of the main beam in a way that permits the auger to move all the way to the bin center. The auger also comes within 7" of the bin wall. The beam connecting point is movable to precisely match the Stir-Rite to your bin. This feature assures that Vavrina Inc. will have a Stir-Rite for you even is your bin is not standard size.

The backbone of the Stir-Rite is a wide flange beam. Its the kind used for bridges and large structures. It was chosen for its high strength and rigidity in relation to weight.

A rotating contact was specifically designed for this application. It has a heating element to reduce moisture condensation during drying.

Because of the unique increasing pitch design the augers start and advance through grain much more easily than uniform pitch augers. Distance between flights is smallest at the bottom then increases slightly toward the top. This allows for additional grain to enter the auger over its total length. This action helps loosen the entire bin of grain. The looser grain allows the augers to travel through the grain much faster and thus completing their job much faster. This also lets more air pass through the grain.

Paddles on stirring augers are fabricated from flexible material. This is for safety and reduces the chance of damage to grain.

Augers are hard-surfaced on the lifting faces to assure long life.

Stirring auger is driven by a 1 1/2 HP motor specifically designed for this application. A V-belt drives the auger and is kept in proper tension by a self-adjusting motor mount. Outside augers turn faster than the inside auger. Speed of the auger is matched to the amount of grain it stirs.

Heavy-duty gear-motor and forged bevel gears supply power to the hardened steel track drive wheel. In the event that an auger encounters an obstruction in the bin, a shear pin is built into this drive to protect mechanical components.

Track support brackets in most cases, use existing bin bolt holes. Track is manufactured from heavy hot-rolled steel bar. It is designed not to sag even in the wettest grain.

Unique design of Stir-Rite allows for additional stirring auger(s) to be added at a later date. This feature means that the Stir-Rite can grow with your operation.

Driven by a double pitch chain, the positive drive moves all trollies back and forth in unison. A pivot arm is attached to the outer trolley, its other end is attached to a special link on the chain. The chain rotates around two sprockets. The pivot are simply follows the chain reversing direction when it goes around each sprocket. This simple drive eliminates the need for any reversing switches. Positive chain drive prevents the possibility of slippage and is easy to adjust.

Trolleys roll on long-life cast iron rollers. Rollers are machined in such a way that they fit between the flanges of the beam. This eliminates the possibility of the trolley coming off during operation.

All electrical connections and enclosures are moisture tight to deal with extreme conditions encountered in drying bins.