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Vavrina Inc.
Junction of

Hwys 15 & 91,

Clarkson, NE 68629



  Sukup® Drying Floors  



Hawk Cut Floors

Sukup Hawk Cut Floor

Sukup® Hawk Cut planks are the backbone of a successful flush floor system. Flush floor systems are an economical approach to aeration, that allow easier grain removal than "above floor" ductwork.

Sukup® Hawk Cut Flooring is twice as strong as conventional perforated floors, so it makes the perfect base for a Sukup® Aeration System. No steel is removed in forming the large 12% open area in the plank, and all the openings are created in the sloped sides of the corrugation, not at the top or bottom ridge, which would weaken the planks. Combined with the high arch of the corrugation, this allows Hawk Cut planks to support up to twice the weight of other floors.

For even better airflow distribution, install a square pad system, using Sukup® Hawk Cut planks. For the ultimate in aeration, use a full Hawk Cut floor.

Perforated Floors

Sukup® perforated floors have the perfect perforation for grain drying applications. The clear-punched holes provide 12% open area for maximum airflow. Smooth perforations form an ideal surface for easy sweeping and clean-up.

Sukup® perforated planks are crowned for added strength. The corrugation on Sukup® planks extends completely across the width of each plank for greater strength. This gives up to 80% more strength than floors where the corrugation stops short.

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