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Vavrina Inc.
Junction of

Hwys 15 & 91,

Clarkson, NE 68629



  Sukup® Fans  



Axial Fans

Sukup Fan

Sukup® Axial Fan

Sukup® Axial Fans give high airflow at lower static pressures. Low initial cost makes it a favorite on the farm.

Features include:

Cast aluminum blades with close tip clearance for maximum airflow

Heavy-duty, totally enclosed motors (3/4-30 hp) provide years of dependable operation

Square end plates maintain accurate roundness of the housing, give uniform support all around, and eliminate the need for extra legs that concentrate stress and distort the housing

Split taper bushings make it easy to remove the blade

12"-18" Axial Fans can be easily mounted to push or pull air

In-Line Fans

Sukup® In-Line Fans combine the characteristics of a centrifugal fan with an axial housing to make an economical, practical fan for use on aeration systems.

Features include:

Precision-balanced blades

Heavy-gauge, all-welded housings, providing greater strength and less air leakage.

In-Line fans are ideal for high static pressure situations, such as aerating small grain grains and tall bins

Ideal for higher static pressure conditions found with small grains and tall depths

Centrifugal Fans

Sukup Centrifugal Fan

Sukup® Centrifugal Fan

Sukup® fans are #1! Compare airflows - Sukup® Centrifugal Fans give you more airflow for your money.

Centrifugal fans offer quieter operation

Airfoil blades move air more efficiently than flat blades

Blades are dynamically balanced for smooth, trouble free operation

Sizes for 3 hp to 50 hp

Sukup® high speed (3500 rpm) centrifugal fans prove ideal for aerating deep grain depths or small grains. Able to operate at higher static pressures, up to 24 inches of water, these high-speed fans feature direct drive and totally enclosed motors for dependable operation under tough conditions.

The same rugged construction featured in the low speed units is found in 3500 rpm design. Available motor sizes range from 3 to 60 hp.

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