Irrigation, grain storage and
steel buildings since 1976.

Our History

Vavrina has its roots dating back to 1922. It all started when a young entrepreneur, Joe Vacin, opened a hardware and automotive business in Clarkson, Nebraska.  Through family entrepreneurship, hard work and acquisitions, Vavrina has evolved into the business it is today.

Vavrina has been in the irrigation, grain storage, and steel building business since 1976.  It was owned and operated by the Vavrina family for 40 years in conjunction with their John Deere implement dealership in Clarkson, Nebraska.

In 2017, the business was acquired by Aschoff Construction of Osmond, Nebraska.  Under new ownership, Vavrina will continue to maintain and exceed the high standards customers have come to know and expect. With new ownership comes new opportunities, Vavrina has moved into a new facility located just off Highway 91 at 901 S. Linden St, Clarkson, Nebraska.

Our Philosophy

Vavrina believes that service and fair treatment are vital to the overall success of both clients and the company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to market high-value products and services in a professional manner and to continuously improve our leadership:


Our Team

Everything Vavrina does is with your best interest in mind. Employees are empowered and motivated to “Exceed Customer Expectations”, providing top of the class products and services.

Employee involvement is the Vavrina way of life. The core principle is to cultivate an environment which motivates and enables employees to continuously improve and advance within the business. Vavrina encourages a team environment built on trust and respect for one another.

Integrity is never compromised. Each member of the successful team at Vavrina carries the responsibility to provide products and services in a manner that is socially responsible. Each employee takes great pride in the commitment to making positive contributions to the area.

Our Future

Technology is the way of the future. Finding ways to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and add value are always a part of the overall vision at Vavrina. The leadership at Vavrina realizes the importance of constantly finding profitable opportunities to grow in predominantly rural agricultural markets and being able to seize on those opportunities.