Pivot Irrigation Control Technology

In recent years, Vavrina has sold and installed numerous remote pivot monitors from AgSense. Valley Irrigation’s AgSense is a time-tested, reliable and economical way to monitor and control your pivot remotely from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. This irrigation control technology allows you to keep track of your pivots at all times, greatly reducing the amount of time spent physically checking each machine. This allows you to be a more productive farmer.

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Irrigation Technology for Modern Farming in Eastern Nebraska

Vavrina is knowledgeable and can assist in setting you up with Valley Irrigation’s AgSense ICON; pivot irrigation control has never been easier. Save time and money now that you are able to monitor and check your pivot irrigation systems from virtually anywhere using Valley Irrigation’s smart panels, mechanical control panels, and irrigation controls. Be sure you are getting water to your crops at the right time and exactly where it is needed to maximize your yields with Valley Irrigation’s latest in smart panels: Valley ICON10, Valley ICON5, Valley ICONX, AgSense ICON Link, and EDGE-OF-FIELD WiFi.

Precision Irrigation to Conserve Water Resources

Improve your operation’s efficiency using precise water applications with one of Valley Irrigation’s Water Application Management options: Trimble Irrigate-IQ and Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI). These solutions are intended to improve accuracy and provide uniform water delivery to your crops throughout their life-cycle to assist in maximizing yields.

To enhance your agricultural irrigation system’s capabilities, Valley Irrigation offers two GPS products: GPS Position for center pivots and linear systems and GPS Guidance for corners and linear systems.

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Call Vavrina
@ (402) 892-9899
TODAY to learn more about how to improve your pivot irrigation system today!